Campus Wide Open House 3/31 - 4/2, 2017

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Get to know the people and places of your land-grant university as you explore 20+ Destinations for Exploration on campus!


Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery: Discovery Building

Genetics Biotechnology Center

DC Smith Greenhouse

Birge Hall Greenhouses

Chemistry Building (Scientific Glassblowing Tour)

Wisconsin National Primate Research Center

Washburn Observatory

Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences Building (AOSS)

Microbial Sciences Building (Leafcutter Ant Display Colony)

Rooftop greenhouse in Leopold Hall

Geology Museum

Allen Centennial Gardens

Russell Labs (Wisconsin Insect Research Collection)

Room 2130, Chamberlin Hall (L.R. Ingersoll Physics Museum)

Sterling Hall Planetarium

Steenbock Library

Babcock Hall

Wisconsin State Herbarium (in Birge Hall Lobby)

Chazen Museum of Art

Geoscience Halliburton Visualization Lab (Weeks Hall – 2nd floor)

Kinesiology Labs at the Natatorium, School of Education


Signe Skott Cooper Hall, School of Nursing

Health Sciences Learning Center, School of Medicine & Public Health

School of Veterinary Medicine Building

Rennebohm Hall, School of Pharmacy

Clinical Simulation Program Facility, UW Health

The Arboretum

Picnic Point

Kinesiology Labs at the Natatorium, School of Education

Talk with scientists about their on-going research and develop/refine your science literacy as you interact with 70+ Exploration stations!

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(Note: Exploration Stations are subject to change)

Satisfy your inquisitive side while watching science spectaculars and touring Madison science landmarks with field experts!


Science is Fun Public Presentation (3PM), Chemistry Building, Room 1351 (1101 University Ave.)

The Physics of Plasma - Wonders of Physics (WoP) Show (10:30AM & 12PM), Chamberlin Hall (1150 University Ave.)

SPICE Chemistry Demonstration Show (1PM), Chemistry Building, Room 1351 (1101 University Ave.)

“Chasing the Ghost Particle” Planetarium Show (11AM-3PM), Sterling Hall Planetarium (475 N. Charter St.)

Science Scinema: Films from Howard Hughes Medical Institute (10AM-4PM & 7-9PM), Genetics Biotechnology Center, Room 1111 (425 Henry Mall)


Exploration Stations in Picnic Point  (2PM-3:30PM), Lot 129 (2004 University Bay Drive)

School of Pharmacy Tours (10AM-2PM), Rennebohm Hall (777 Highland Ave)

Tour of the UW Health Clinical Simulation Program Facility (10AM-2PM), Health Sciences Learning Center (750 Highland Ave.)

Walk with a Naturalist: Transitions (1PM-2:30), Arboretum Visitor Center (1207 Seminole Highway)

School of Veterinary Medicine and UW Veterinary Care Open House (10AM-3PM), Veterinary Medicine Building (2015 Linden Dr.)

The free Science Expeditions Trolley will be available for transportation between venues on Saturday, April 1st AND Sunday, April 2nd

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Parking information:
For Friday and Saturday, nearby parking can be found in Lot 20 at 1390 University Avenue, Lot 17 at 1550 Engineering Drive, Lot 40 at 1655 Linden Drive, Lot 80 at West Dayton Street and Lot 36 at 1645 Observatory Drive.
For Sunday, nearby parking can be found in Lot 60 at 801 Walnut St, Lot 64 at 606 Walnut St, Lot 76 at 2501 University Bay Dr, Lot 82 at 1450 Highland Ave and Lot 75 at 610 Highland Ave.

This weekend is just the tip of the iceberg; learn about science opportunities taking place all year long - come back often!





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